Koldo Hernández

Software Developer & Tech Lead

About me

I work as software developer focused on web technologies and I have a profile of both business and technology. I have worked in companies of different sizes and for clients of different nature. As a freelance I have collaborated with advertising agencies and developed my own projects

I am currently working full-time at Kimet Sport as Tech Lead and, because of my company's profile, I act as the "bridge" between business and development teams. I'm the responsible to plan and coordinate the developments of the company. So my effort is focused on helping the team deciding what to do and how to do it .

Also, I try to dedicate time and effort to improve my development skills and being up to date on web development trends. For this, I am developing pet project as proof of concept of an application with NestJS (Node.js + Typescript) and Docker.

I am passionate about technology, a tireless apprentice and a firm believer that helping others is the best way to improve.


These are some of the skills that I have been acquiring during my work experience, working both as an employee and freelance.


Last years I have been creating most of my projects with Symfony (PHP) and Java but now I'm developing with Javascript/Node.js. Mi prefered database is Postgresql but I've also got experience with MySQL and Oracle.


Because I'm not front-end developer, I usually start my projects with Bootstrap but I've also played with React and Vue (for testing purpose). For automating tasks, I've used Gulp, Bower and Webpack.


OSX, Linux and Windows user with skills to configure different technological stacks. I allways use Docker in my projects and I have experience in the use and configuration of cloud environments such as AWS and Digital Ocean.


I'm not a designer but I try to take care of the design of my works to the maximum, making them look good on any device. I defend myself well with Gimp and Photoshop.


I try to solve the gap between my company's business department and development teams, trying to prioritize based on the context, a good compression and a bit of strategy. I have experience interacting with different types of clients and I try to understand the needs of the market.


Currently I am very interested in the Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain world. I believe it's a technology that has come to stay and can change the world.


A brief history of my professional and experience career, both as an employee and developing own projects as a freelance.

Bachelor's degree and first job

I finish my bachelor's degree in computer science at Deusto University, I found my first job as developer and I was there working for a year. Why did I change? I'd loved web development and I was creating desktop applications.

2001 - 2002

IT Consultancy

With the rise of consulting and IT services companies, I went to work in one of them and I had the pleasure to work in different kind of projects. For the next 4 years I learned a lot, I met exceptional people and I get some good friends.

2002 - 2006

Management vs. Development

I changed my job and I started working for a small/medium enterprise and for a while I combined team management tasks and project development. Management tasks began to be my main work and I needed to invest most of my time with them.
I love to be part of teams who build products and deliver value to customers and I was wasting most of my time arround Words, eternal meetings... I needed to change it.

2006 - 2013

Get cracking!

Hoping to avoid weakening more my skills, I began developing web projects as a freelance collaborating some marketing agencies, created various enterprise intranets y designed some corporative webs.

2007 - 2013

First fail (probably not the last)

First attempt of entrepreneurship that went down. I began to introduce myself in the startup world.


What is my way? (*)

Life changes me with a big surprise.
I try to help a friend of mine with his project and I create my own Roadmap: where I am, what I want to do, steps to follow...
* It's personal, I can not tell you everything on the first date. If you want more information, get in touch with me and we chat.


Getting out from the comfort zone

After 7 years working on the same company, I decided to leave everything and started a new adventure. I didn't know how long we were going to survive but the challenge caught me and I bet for it.
We are still working hard so I think that something we did it well, didn't we? However we're growing up and we have a big challence and many possibilities for improvement. I believe we will attract great attention.

2013 - ¿?


A brief history of my professional and experience career, both as an employee and developing own projects as a freelance.


If you think I can fit into your project or you have a proposal for me, drop me a line and let's talk.

On my blog

These are some of the last posts I've written on my blog. All feedback is welcome.

Enviar emails HTML responsive con NodeJS y Sendgrid

En este post vamos a ver cómo enviar emails *responsive* con NodeJS utilizando Express, Sendgrid e Ink. Finalmente, veremos cómo crear nuestras propias plantillas responsive con Yeoman de tal forma que sean fácilmente mantenibles y configurables. El código de la aplicación de ejemplo que vamos a seguir lo puedes encontrar en https://github.com/koldohernandez/responsive-mailing-example.

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Autenticación basada en tokens

La autenticación es una de las partes más importantes de nuestra aplicación. En este tutorial vamos a ver en qué se basa la autenticación basada en tokens y las diferencias con la autenticación tradicional basada en servidor.

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Instrucciones de un Dockerfile

Anteriormente vimos las diferentes formas de crear imágenes de Docker. En este post entraremos en detalle sobre las instrucciones que podemos utilizar en un Dockerfile.

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Cómo crear imágenes y subirlas a Docker Hub

Siguiendo con los tutoriales de Docker, en este post vamos a ver las diferentes formas de crear imágenes propias en Docker y cómo subir una image a nuestra cuenta de Docker Registry para poder utilizarla en repetidas ocasiones.

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Instalación y primeros pasos con Docker

En un post anterior ya vimos qué es Docker y sus principales características. En este artículo vamos a ver cómo instalar Docker, primeros pasos, los comandos básicos, las imágenes y contenedores.

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Gulp.js: automatiza tareas de desarrollo

Independientemente de si eres un desarrollador front-end, back-end ó full-stack, si no quieres perder tiempo realizando tareas comunes de forma manual, es momento de que aprendas a usar un automatizador como Gulp: herramienta que permite automatizar las tareas más comunes que tenemos que hacer durante el desarrollo de la aplicación, como la recarga del navegador, la minificación de hojas de estilo, validación de sintaxis javascript, etc…

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Docker: qué es y características principales

Docker es un proyecto de software libre que permite automatizar el despliegue de aplicaciones dentro de contenedores. Docker usa recursos del sistemas totalmente aislados, es decir, permite asignar recursos (tiempo de CPU, la memoria del sistema, el ancho de banda de la red, etc...) o combinaciones de estos recursos entre los procesos que se ejecuta en un sistema.

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Resumen de Codemotion 2014

El fin de semana pasado asistí por segunda vez a Codemotion. Durante estos dos días se dieron un total de 112 charlas y 16 talleres repartidos en 8 tracks. Al haber tantas opciones donde elegir, es muy importante escoger bien las ponencias a las que asistir. De ahí que puedas salir más o menos contento del evento.

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Configurar Ghost en Ubuntu

Este primer post lo voy a dedicar a explicar los pasos que he seguido crear este blog. Para ello, explicaré cómo instalar y configurar Ghost en un servidor Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

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Bienvenido a mi blog

Este blog, uno más entre millones de ellos, nace con la idea de experimentar, disponer de un lugar donde guardar mis apuntes y poner en práctica que voy aprendiendo. Además...

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